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We’re The Link Between ‘Finance’ and ‘Technology’

Fintech has been trending on social media and blogs  for some time with the growth and merge of financial services and technology.  Contrary to popular belief, there’s always been a world of technology; it just got insanely better with age.  We’re now living in the digital age – ‘apps’ is the word.  Digital applications are definitely a 21st century phenomenon and even our grand-parents are having fun with them.  Fintech is the buzz word for companies offering financial services through technology – start-ups and high growth companies. We are pleased to offer our law firm services to many different Fintech companies.

This is you

  • An investor in companies offering technology solutions to the financial services industry
  • A venture capitalist  buying/selling/funding Fintech companies on behalf of your fund and clients
  • Consultant / Non-Executive / Adviser looking for legal advice
  • Start-up of high growth technology company looking to scale up in the Financial Services sector

If You’re An Investorfintech

Once you have decided to invest in your chosen Fintech company, you’ll be ready to sign up a term sheet,  a shareholder’s agreement (also known as an investor agreement), and a whole load of documents that will need the expertise of a highly qualified legal adviser.  A qualified and experienced solicitor will guide you along the way, assisting you in carrying out due diligence, structuring minority shareholder protections, structuring share rights, classes of shares, voting rights, drag and tag along rights and restrictive covenants and many more important things to consider. 

If You’re A VC

Your main focus is to get a return for your own investors. Identifying which of the many “opportunities” will actually be scalable in the way that you have been pitched to can be tough. So once you have chosen who to invest in you don’t want any barriers to a successful outcome. The investee needs to get on and deliver those targets. You need to move on to the next deal. So getting the paperwork agreed and signed needs to be quick and seamless.

If You’re A Consultant, Non-Executive or Adviser

Your role involves working with start-ups and high growth companies. Your clients are predominantly made up of financial services and technology companies.  Are you looking to help your clients grow and scale up, and solve those tough tech problems.  You may need advice on your own consultancy agreement with the tech company.  Or you may be helping them recruit and such, you’re looking at their employment contracts.  If you are taking a non-exec position, then you may need advice on your service contracts and non-executive appointments letter.  You may be helping them with their business model and on boarding clients.  Do you need to refresh their terms and conditions (T&Cs) as well as their other terms of trade?  You may also be concerned about protection of the companies’ intellectual property to make sure their innovation is properly protected. 

fintechIf You’re A Start-Up Or High Growth Company

You’re ready to grow!  You need resources to accommodate the growth, but you also need support in overcoming the obstacles to that growth.  As you prepare and go through each funding round, you’ll need someone to keep you straight on the legalities of the marathon, and you’ll need someone to help you negotiate those tricky terms.  You’ll also need help with putting your case to the investor and secure the best terms for the deal, which allows you the freedom to focus on your job of building a truly successful organisation.

This Is Us – Fintech Law Firm Services 

We’ll help you with the following and much more…

  • Setting up and structuring a company
  • Taking office space 
  • Employment contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Terms and conditions
  • Website policies
  • Protecting data and intellectual property (copyrights and patents)
  • Issuing shares
  • ­Shareholder/Investor agreements
  • ­Share rights
  • ­Share options and EMI schemes
  • Exploring government schemes (IES and SEIS)
  • ­Benefit from R&D Credits
  • ­Raising finance from crowd funding, angel investors, venture capital, family & friends

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