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conveyancing solicitorsConveyancing solicitors do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to.  How?  A conveyancer deals with the legal aspect of buying and selling property or land.  Whether you’re buying or selling property, we will manage all the legal paperwork.  We’re conveyancing solicitors equipped to give you expert advice in both residential and commercial property. 

If conveyancing is the transfer of legal titles and property ownership, then you need a fully qualified conveyancing solicitor, experienced in business law and able to provide you with legal and practical advise.  Whether it’s a residential or commercial transaction, you will benefit from a conveyancing solicitor’s legal expertise and resources.  A conveyancing solicitor will manage the exchange of contracts and completion, and will carry out research prior to a formal agreement to buy or sell.    

 What Does The Law Require?

Buying and selling property and land in the UK falls under legal jurisdictions by which we all need to abide.  Unless you’re a qualified solicitor who specialises in conveyancing, how can you be sure you’re within your legal right to buy or sell property?  How will you then follow all legal procedures to ensure you’re compliant with legislation and at the same time protect your home or business?  Whether you’re buying a leasehold or freehold, residential or commercial, the law requires that all property and land transactions should be done in writing by way of two copies of the same contract, signed by both parties who keep a copy each.  Once signatures on each copy of the contract are validated, then the transaction is complete.  You now own your new property or you’ve sold the property and the buyer is the legal owner. 

Our Hard Work While You Relax

Did you know that conveyancing is the most complained about area of law in England & Wales?  Finding the right team of conveyancers is essential for a successful transaction.  You need a conveyancer that you can talk to, one who knows how to listen, one who is savvy and thus able to ask the right questions and offer the best advice you need for a successful transaction.  Before the exchange of contracts and completion of purchase take place, your conveyancing solicitor will have the legal right, and in fact the legal obligation to engage in searches with various authorities.  These authorities include public records and land registration which provide conveyancers with information required for a smooth conveyancing process:

  • The property’s legal ownerconveyancing solicitors
  • Who has the right to sell the property
  • Any restrictions affecting the property and proprietor

If you are not the freeholder, then you’ll be leasing the land or property, in which case you’ll need to be adequately informed of your rights and obligations in relation to the property or land.  At DG Law we’re a team of conveyancing solicitors based in the city of London and registered with the Lease Hold Advisory Service  assisting us in the leasing aspects of a transaction. 

Conveyancing Solicitors – Transferring Ownership

conveyancing solicitorsYou need to be adequately informed of any restrictions set out by the freeholder as this will affect your decisions.  Restrictions affect businesses (eg. freeholder policy says the building is to be used as an office only).  We will ensure that you’re fully informed prior to signing any agreement.  The conveyancing process is always complex but that’s in the capable hands of a qualified conveyancer.  And the process needn’t be lengthy; it may take 6-8 weeks but it all depends on the stages of the conveyancing process, before the contract and before the completion.  There’s no precise time for the conveyancing process, it all depends on what a solicitor finds during searches and also what information is given in order to get to the point of completion fast and efficiently.  All the hard work is done by conveyancing solicitors so you don’t have to worry about your legal obligations.

What We Need From You

If your first consultation is free then call us or click on ‘Make An Enquiry’ at the bottom of this page – it’s free!  A conveyancer will listen and advise accordingly, helping you make a well-informed decision.  When you decide to hand over to us all your hard work, we’ll book a meeting and ask you for relevant documentation to start the conveyancing work.  Be assured that we will advise you in terms of legal obligations as well as practical terms.  A qualified conveyancer will be able to answer all of your questions, as well as help you think of any oversights, things that you haven’t considered but will affect your business or affect you later in life.  If you are looking to take on new premises or let out existing premises you will need practical and sensible legal advice.

Who We Are

conveyancing solicitors londonWe are a team of conveyancing solicitors in London proud to be qualified conveyancers, awarded in 2015 by the LFS and registered with the Leasing Advisory Board.  We deal with the legal aspects of buying and selling property and land and would love to hear from you.  If you are thinking about buying or selling property or land, or thinking of transferring titles, ownership or even looking to change your will please call us.  Whether you live in London, anywhere in the UK or abroad and are planning to buy or sell as a leaseholder or freeholder in the UK, for business, as an investment or as a home, we’d love to hear from you. Please ring Tel: +44 (0) 20 7113 4003 and ask to speak to a member of our conveyancing team.  

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