Flooding Changes the Home Buying Landscape

00184630The recent extremely wet winter months have caused anxiety for home owners and buyers. We’ve witnessed many victims on TV wading through their “living rooms” in deep water and having to move into temporary accommodation. Not many years ago, unless your property was close to a river or the coast, flood risks were not considered a significant issue. Nowadays, potential property buyers in nearly all areas of the UK, should be advised in detail about the risks of flooding – this means obtaining the correct data or statistics about the area in question. Whether the property you have in mind is likely to be insurable at standard terms, should also be a factor in deciding if your “dream home” is really affordable.

Since 2000, many properties have fallen into a high risk category for flooding, because we’ve now seen the damage caused by surface water draining to lower levels.  The rising water table levels from prolonged rainfall, have caused the water to rise above the ground floors of properties that at one time were not thought to be at risk.

At DG Law we advise purchasers what pre-contract searches are appropriate for them, so that they (and their mortgage lenders) can make an informed decision before they commit to the property they have in mind. The risk of flooding is higher than most tend to think is the case. Potential buyers should make their decisions with their eyes wide open, even if they are prepared to take a chance when investing in their new home.  For more information get in touch with us now.

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